Say Anything @ The Troubadour 11.28.17

Article + photos originally published by Get Some Magazine in November, 2017 On the fourth night of their In Defense anniversary tour, Say Anything played to a sold out crowd at The Troubadour. Dan Andriano of Alkaline Trio opened up the show with an acoustic solo set, he even threw in a few Alkaline TrioContinue reading “Say Anything @ The Troubadour 11.28.17”

Phoebe Bridgers @ The Wiltern 4.28.18

This article + photos were originally published by Get Some Magazine in April, 2018 A spattering of Edison bulbs dot the stage as the band makes their way out to take their places. Dressed in sleek matching black suits, they settle in as Phoebe Bridgers joins them. There is a light that shines from Bridgers,Continue reading “Phoebe Bridgers @ The Wiltern 4.28.18”

Mighty Mighty Bosstones @ The Regent 6.29.18

This article + photos were originally publishedby Get Some Magazine in June, 2018 The Mighty Mighty BossTones played the Regent in downtown Los Angeles last Friday night for their self proclaimed Summer of Ska tour. The set list included the Let’s Face It album in entirety, along with fifteen or so other favorites.  Opening upContinue reading “Mighty Mighty Bosstones @ The Regent 6.29.18”

Best Coast: Trading Hangovers for Bangovers

This article + photos were originally published by Get Some Magazine in February, 2020 Desert nights are inherently magical. Something hangs in the air, palpable but indescribable. You can’t touch it, you can’t see it, but you can absolutely feel it. Add good music to that and you’ve got yourself a magical mystical cocktail ofContinue reading “Best Coast: Trading Hangovers for Bangovers”

Allah-Las @ Masonic Lodge for Get Some Magazine 9.17.20

This article and photos were originally published byGet Some Magazine in September 2019 A sold out show at summer’s end amongst famous gravestones and a Halloween celebration going off in the distance. The Allah-Las at the Masonic Lodge was an atmosphere and an event before even entering the building. A group of three or fourContinue reading “Allah-Las @ Masonic Lodge for Get Some Magazine 9.17.20”

It Stains the Sands Red – Stains a Little Deeper Than One Might Suspect

Originally posted on Horror Girl Problems:
At first glance, It Stains the Sands Red plays like a fun, silly, admirably low budget zombie flick. Fans of independent film will no doubt appreciate the innovative primary setup – one girl, one zombie, one desert. Two actors and an endless location with nobody to bother you about…

Festival Obscura’s Celebration at Sunnyside Cemetery: An Abundance of Beer for a Great Cause

Saturday, June 30th Festival Obscura hosted a fundraising celebration to benefit Long Beach’s historic Sunnyside Cemetery. The event included over 45 craft breweries, along with live music performances, food trucks and horror related artists and vendors. The location was magical, the lines were short and quick moving, organization was impressive and the brews were ofContinue reading “Festival Obscura’s Celebration at Sunnyside Cemetery: An Abundance of Beer for a Great Cause”

Universal Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights 2017 Review

At times it really felt like Universal was phoning it in this year. Midway through the night, it was looking a bit bleak. We had done the terror tram and Ash vs Evil Dead and we were thoroughly unimpressed, with a lot left to cover with our few remaining hours. The Shining Maze wins atContinue reading “Universal Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights 2017 Review”

Top Non-Horror Halloween Flicks 

Sometimes you’re in the mood for some happy hearted Halloween goodness minus the horror and gore. As much as I love the horror and gore, I get it! So here’s a list of flicks to get you in the Halloween spirit, even if you’re not a horror hound. And if you are a horror hound…Continue reading “Top Non-Horror Halloween Flicks “