Say Anything @ The Troubadour 11.28.17

Article + photos originally published by Get Some Magazine in November, 2017 On the fourth night of their In Defense anniversary tour, Say Anything played to a sold out crowd at The Troubadour. Dan Andriano of Alkaline Trio opened up the show with an acoustic solo set, he even threw in a few Alkaline TrioContinue reading “Say Anything @ The Troubadour 11.28.17”

Phoebe Bridgers @ The Wiltern 4.28.18

This article + photos were originally published by Get Some Magazine in April, 2018 A spattering of Edison bulbs dot the stage as the band makes their way out to take their places. Dressed in sleek matching black suits, they settle in as Phoebe Bridgers joins them. There is a light that shines from Bridgers,Continue reading “Phoebe Bridgers @ The Wiltern 4.28.18”

Mighty Mighty Bosstones @ The Regent 6.29.18

This article + photos were originally publishedby Get Some Magazine in June, 2018 The Mighty Mighty BossTones played the Regent in downtown Los Angeles last Friday night for their self proclaimed Summer of Ska tour. The set list included the Let’s Face It album in entirety, along with fifteen or so other favorites.  Opening upContinue reading “Mighty Mighty Bosstones @ The Regent 6.29.18”

Best Coast: Trading Hangovers for Bangovers

This article + photos were originally published by Get Some Magazine in February, 2020 Desert nights are inherently magical. Something hangs in the air, palpable but indescribable. You can’t touch it, you can’t see it, but you can absolutely feel it. Add good music to that and you’ve got yourself a magical mystical cocktail ofContinue reading “Best Coast: Trading Hangovers for Bangovers”

Holy Wars – Prepare to be Slayed

Holy Wars’ front woman Kat Leon looks like she’ll break your heart. And she will. But she’ll also resurrect it before the night is through. Touted as “Dark orphan rock”, the subject matter is brutal and the pain shines through. But not in a deeply depressing crying in a circle sort of way. It’s moreContinue reading “Holy Wars – Prepare to be Slayed”

Dreamcar: More Than You Could Dream

What do you get when you take Davey Havok, Tony Kanal, Tom Dumont, Adrian Young and put them in a recording studio? Freakin’ M-A-G-I-C. This is the dream machine that is Dreamcar. These guys have been teasing us with new music from their new supergroup for quite some time now, and they do not disappoint.Continue reading “Dreamcar: More Than You Could Dream”

When We Were Young (Uhh I Still Am, Ya’ Bastards) Inaugural Fest

Coachella who? This is not a joke. This is not a drill. This shit is going down for real. I honestly thought it was a fake bill, only because this is pretty much the closest to my teenage wet dream lineup as I’ve ever seen.