Holy Wars – Prepare to be Slayed


Holy Wars’ front woman Kat Leon looks like she’ll break your heart. And she will. But she’ll also resurrect it before the night is through. Touted as “Dark orphan rock”, the subject matter is brutal and the pain shines through. But not in a deeply depressing crying in a circle sort of way. It’s more of an empowering weirdly healing ritualistic type of way. As a whole, the band is strong and hard hitting. The guitarist shreds, the drummer is an animal and the bass line brings it. They function as a unit to open up your chest cavity, rip your heart out and carefully replace/dance it back to life by the end of their set.

“Creepers ” (dancers dressed in full bodysuits) incorporate on stage choreography with creeping and crawling their way through the audience and incidentally scared the crap out of me at least a dozen times. The Creeper element couple with the fact that Kat is charismatic and engaging, gives the show a cool interactive feel. Keep an eye on this new LA band, they’re going to hit the scene hard.


Dreamcar: More Than You Could Dream


What do you get when you take Davey Havok, Tony Kanal, Tom Dumont, Adrian Young and put them in a recording studio? Freakin’ M-A-G-I-C. This is the dream machine that is Dreamcar. These guys have been teasing us with new music from their new supergroup for quite some time now, and they do not disappoint. Wednesday night they played their second of two sold-out shows at The Roxy, and the best thing about the whole damn night was how much FUN they were having up there. It was electric, addictive, and even more than you would expect from the AFI and No Doubt veterans. It also wasn’t lost on me that this will probably be the first and last time I’ll ever be able to see any of these guys in such an amazingly intimate setting. Davey’s voice sounds better than ever, it resonates  through the crowd drenched in all the possible electric 80’s, dare-you-not-to-dance goodness. Tom’s catchy surf-vibe reverb riffs are catchy as hell, and Tony and Adrian hold down the rhythm with gut-punch heart-thump beats.The guys deliver a sound reminiscent of dark wave, new wave, synth pop, with their own twist. Badass female musicians and vocalists round out the band, complete with sleek white suits and a face-melting saxophone solo.

Tony Kanal killin’ it at The Roxy. April 12, 2017


Literally cried when they started the opening verse of Bowie’s Moonage Daydream, and proceeded to totally nail it.

Guys, this album is going to blow. Your. Minds.

Singles Kill for Candy  and Born to Lie are out now, All of the Dead Girls was released today, (probably my favorite so far) rounding out the trio of head bopping, two-stepping singles. In a single word – Fun.

Full debut album is set for a May 12, 2017 release. Pre-order on itunes 



When We Were Young (Uhh I Still Am, Ya’ Bastards) Inaugural Fest


Coachella who? This is not a joke. This is not a drill. This shit is going down for real. I honestly thought it was a fake bill, only because this is pretty much the closest to my teenage wet dream lineup as I’ve ever seen.

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