October 2017 – Guide To A Month Long Halloween Celebration

Strategy: Maximum Halloween-age with minimum spend-age. Ok, October is expensive for us, it’s just a given. But I try my best to not kill my friends’ wallets by choosing the cheaper dates for haunts, etc. Here’s a list of pro-haunts, home haunts, live theater and screenings going on this month.

Knott’s Scary Farm 2017 – Dark Ride + Pumpkin Eater Killin’ It

The season of haunts is upon us! Got to check out Knott’s Scary Farm last night to kick things off. ┬áHere are my top must-do’s:

New Orleans – Day 2: Lafayette Cemetery No 1 + Pralines + Cafe Du Monde

Our second full day in this town began with a tour of the Lafayette Cemetery No. 1. It was late back at our Air BnB the night before, and we decided to go ahead and book our cemetery tour, because guides are now required thanks to excessive vandalism within the cemetery. We took an UberContinue reading “New Orleans – Day 2: Lafayette Cemetery No 1 + Pralines + Cafe Du Monde”

Binge This: 13 Reasons Why – Trust Me, It’s Important

Warning: Mildly spoiler-ish It would be easy to dismiss Netflix’s latest hit as nothing more than fare for the Young Adult Fiction crowd. But it would also be a lie. This show was unexpectedly profound, dark, and yes… even important. Watch and discover your own reasons why this show is important. In the meantime, hereContinue reading “Binge This: 13 Reasons Why – Trust Me, It’s Important”

Holy Wars – Prepare to be Slayed

Holy Wars’ front woman Kat Leon looks like she’ll break your heart. And she will. But she’ll also resurrect it before the night is through. Touted as “Dark orphan rock”, the subject matter is brutal and the pain shines through. But not in a deeply depressing crying in a circle sort of way. It’s moreContinue reading “Holy Wars – Prepare to be Slayed”

New Orleans: Day 1 – Street Cars, First Taste of Bourbon Street, + the Music of the City

Day 1: Our first full day in New Orleans started with a short walk to District Donuts. Sliders. Brew for some fuel (Read the full District review here). The Lakeview neighborhood we were staying in was lined with trees and beautiful old homes that towered over the streets. From District we took an Uber rideContinue reading “New Orleans: Day 1 – Street Cars, First Taste of Bourbon Street, + the Music of the City”

Binge This: Dimension 404 on Hulu

Two episodes into Hulu’s new anthology series Dimension 404, and the best description I can give is that it feels like a more adult/bigger budget version of the Goosebumps tv series. And I mean that in the most complimentary way, because I love the shit out of some Goosebumps, Are You Aftaid of the DarkContinue reading “Binge This: Dimension 404 on Hulu”

Dreamcar: More Than You Could Dream

What do you get when you take Davey Havok, Tony Kanal, Tom Dumont, Adrian Young and put them in a recording studio? Freakin’ M-A-G-I-C. This is the dream machine that is Dreamcar. These guys have been teasing us with new music from their new supergroup for quite some time now, and they do not disappoint.Continue reading “Dreamcar: More Than You Could Dream”

The Void (2017)

With an early nod to Romero’s original Night of the Living Dead this movie starts off promising with killer cults and creatures. Police officer Daniel Carter (Aaron Poole) encounters a raving and blood soaked man by the side of the road, but the real fun begins when they arrive at the hospital. It’s not safeContinue reading “The Void (2017)”