Halloween in LA – 2016 A Month Long Sampler Guide


Here’s a comprehensive highlight of some of my favorite October activities, focusing on my favorite high end haunts, home haunts, pumpkin patches and horror movie screenings.

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A Carcass Comes to Dinner


   “Hi, everyone. This is J. Not like J-A-Y Jay, but J like the letter”. Silence. Felicity beams out at us all, as we sit around the table. Her smile falling onto each of us, one by one as she gazes from her date, to us, and back again. Jaws are hanging wide open around the dinner table, poorly masking the shock. I catch myself, forcing the chain to crank my drawbridge jaw closed, bringing my teeth together, and baring them in what I hope results in a smile.

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The Tentacles That Took My Tonsils

  The summer before third grade changed my life. That was the summer my parents took me to see The Little Mermaid. Coincidentally, that was also the summer I had my tonsils removed. After my third time seeing the movie in the theater I noticed an aching in my throat. My mom was convinced it was just a stray piece of popcorn kernel skin, but after a couple of days of complaining my parents decided to take me to the doctor “just to be safe”.Continue reading “The Tentacles That Took My Tonsils”

Last Night I Met My Fairy Godmother


Last night I met a woman looking gloriously lost in the middle of Union Station. I stopped to see if I could be of any assistance. Much to my delight, when she opened up her mouth, a British accent spilled out, causing my heart to spill all over the floor, naturally.

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