The Void (2017)


With an early nod to Romero’s original Night of the Living Dead this movie starts off promising with killer cults and creatures. Police officer Daniel Carter (Aaron Poole) encounters a raving and blood soaked man by the side of the road, but the real fun begins when they arrive at the hospital. It’s not safe outside, as the hospital becomes surrounded by an ominously still cloaked cult-like crowd, and it’s not safe inside either when members of the hospital staff become inexplicably violent and Thing like creatures begin popping out of bodies. This slimy creation goes deep through the eye sockets and deep into the gross out factor. Lots of exploding creature blood and guts mixed with a healthy dose of oozing pussing creature goop. Eventually the gorefest takes a turn into Hellraiser-ish territory, and I half expected the main villain (no spoilers here) to beckon to Carter with promises of “such sights to show you”.

The beginning really did it for me with some great imagery of the cloaked figures, the middle not quite as much though it was still a fun gore fest, and the ending not nearly so.

If you grew up on Carpenter, Barker and the like, you’ll probably love this in spite of its shortcomings.

Lingering cloaked cult members delivering the terror

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