Oscars 2016: LaLa Land + Hollywood is Shifting

Official Oscar nominations are out. No surprise, “LaLa Land” tops the list with 14 nominations, making it a three way tie (“All About Eve”, “Titanic”) for the most Academy Award nominations in history.

The list also shows the face of Hollywood is changing. Filmmakers are telling more diverse stories with a more diverse cast of characters and that’s an interesting movement to be a part of. The filmmakers themselves are becoming more diverse. This shift gives us films like “Moonlight” and leading ladies like Ruth Negga. New perspectives, new faces and new voices, it’s an exciting time to be a cinephile. And if you feel you’re not represented on screen- write yourself up there. Make something or seek out and support the filmmakers who are trying to tell the stories that represent you.

The Oscars will air on Feb 26th with Jimmy Kimmel hosting. Meanwhile I’ll attempt to make my way through the rest of this list.




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