LaLa Land (No Spoilers)


Where to even begin with this one. Nothing is going to capture the brilliance that is this film. Go see it, go listen to it, go absorb the hell out of it.

It spoke to me. It doesn’t suffice to say I liked it or I loved it because there is a difference. Admittedly there were a few moments when I wanted it to be better, but midway through the second act I was absolutely sold, and by the end credits I could genuinely say – it spoke to me. And isn’t that the reason for creating in the first place? Creating and consuming. We’re all sort of looking for the things and the people that speak our language. This. This spoke my language. And I’m sure it’s the language of many of you as well.

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling have such incredible chemistry, it’s hard to not have fun while watching the two of them on the screen. Add in some gorgeously executed dance moves and a soundtrack that will most likely haunt you (in the best way possible) for at least a few weeks, and it’s impossible to not grin like an idiot for half the movie. Granted, I like to think of life as a musical so when I see it portrayed as a musical where everyone collectively breaks out into song and dance (not just me solo in the grocery store) it opens up a special place in my heart. Speaking of opening up special places in my heart – this story also tossed my heart in a blender on puree mode. But like I said before, the best creations are the ones that speak our language, the ones that make us feel, the ones that inspire us to do and be more.

This is a love letter for the dreamers and the doers. And really a love letter to this town that is bursting to the brim with these types. This is a town of more. A town filled with people who left their home towns to hunt down their dreams. Not because it’s better than anywhere else. But because we were told this is where it happens. This is where you come to meet like-minded people and find your wings to get your big dreams off the ground. I’ve met so many intensely passionate people (in all types of industries) since I’ve lived in La La Land, the passion is contagious and addictive and it can catch and spread like wildfire if you let it. Which to me is really the most wonderful thing about passion and passionate people. You fuel one another.

This story is a beautiful reminder to hold onto that fire, to spread it and cherish it and fan it when the flames get low. And how wonderful it is to have people around you who will “pisshy-caca” and not take no for an answer when you’re feeling down and refusing to fan your own flames. Because when in pursuit of dreams, as we’ve come to read in every interview with every immensely successful person ever- there comes a whole lot of beatdown. So much “no” before the only “yes” that really matters. Damien Chazelle gives us this beautiful and heartbreaking reminder to keep relentlessly chasing with the added bonus of an incredible soundtrack, gorgeous imagery and the wonderful charm of Stone and Gosling.


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