The OA Theories + a Quarry of Queries (SPOILERS)


Do not read this if you haven’t watched the show all the way through. If you have – please read on and let me know your theories and queries!

Why is OA the ORIGINAL Angel if she was born in the late 80’s? Did no angels exist on earth before then? Is this not her first incarnation on Earth and she just doesn’t remember her other lives as a result of memory loss due to her travel through parallel dimensions?

Why does nobody really seem to care too much that Steve is pretty much psychotic? Nobody steps in when his dog is eating OA in the first episode, and nobody steps in when he freakin’ STABS HER with a pencil in the last episode. I get the “troubled kid needs love, give him a hug to contain the pain” move harkening back to a conversation between OA and the FBI counselor. But seriously. If I had a friend whom I loved dearly but had a sneaking suspicion they would grow up to become a serial killer, I don’t think I’d be so nonchalant every time they flipped out and committed a violent act. These guys shrug like, “Oh there’s Steve being typical Steve again” like he ate the last bag of chips, or farted in the car and locked the windows.

Did the FBI Counselor plant those books under OA’s bed to make it look like she was delusional? Did he just need a place to stay for the night and decided he’d use the Johnsons’ home like an AirBnB while they were away? Was he house sitting??

I still think Steve-as-school-shooter scenario would have felt more tied together. OA has a premonition, she returns to her hometown to unite and save these kids. (Sounds like a very Angel-like thing to do). She can’t tell them about her premonition or why she’s there. Instead she tells her story and teaches them the movements to equip them to save themselves and everyone else in their school. Either by the power of their bond or through the power of the learned movements, together they open the portal to an alternate universe where they are able to rewrite the narrative. (Hooray, teamwork!). They create an alternate reality wherein they are able to prevent Steve from going off the deep end. Everyone is saved. OA has served her purpose. Onto the next town, doin’ Angel deeds.


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