Ghostbusters (2016) Reboot Review


It’s a reeeeee-booooot *insert DJ style scratch here, plus some obnoxious airhorn action*

When news breaks that one of your most beloved franchises is in the works for a reboot, the reaction can be quite harrowing. A cold sweat breaks out, and you try your best to remain cautiously optimistic that the studio is not going to ruin one of your most treasured childhood memories. But then you think about the influx of recent reboots capitalizing on the nostalgia of the children of the 80’s and 90’s and you start to panic a bit, because these things almost always fall short. Tragically short. Painfully short. I admit, I was skeptical about The Ghostbusters reboot. After watching the film last night, I have to be one hundred percent honest.

It was nothing short of wonderful. The cast was amazing, lots of exciting surprises for fans. For the most part I get the impression the naysayers have either not seen it, or were so dead set on hating it that there was no way they could have had a positive experience. This is not the original. Nobody said it would be, and this film is not intended to replace that. The original film is classic and magical and all things genius and brilliant and wonderful. BUT…If you’re a true fan of the franchise, I really do believe you will appreciate what they did here. This film remained true to the spirit of the original while still standing on its own as its own separate entity. I mean really, with Ivan Reitman at the helm and such a crazy talented team on board, it would be kind of impossible to make a total steaming pile of crap. This film exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to see it at least a couple more times in the theaters.

Reboots – take note. THIS is how you pay homage to a beloved classic. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a ghostbuster. Ok… so I still do want to be a Ghostbuster. I cannot imagine how out of my mind I would have been if I had seen this as a kid, and had all three Ghostbusters movies to emulate. Four girls kicking so. much. ass. For the record, I want to be Jillian Holtzman when I grow up, and I want Peter Venkman to be my best friend.

Ghostbusters: Go. Go. Go.


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